How I hacked my Pavlok to hack myself

Wed Dec 26 2018 00:39:41 GMT+0100 (Mitteleuropäische Normalzeit), Administrator

How I hacked my Pavlok to hack myself...

What is a Pavlok?

Pavlok is a Wristband which shocks you if you do stupid things and helps you this way to stop these stupid things...

What do you mean by "stupid things"?

  • Not getting out of bed at the right time...
  • Not being productive (check your mobile/facebook/whatsapp all the time)
  • Not arriving at a given time at a meeting

What could also be a usage of Pavlok

  • Well if you think about it, it could also be a coping skill for special disorders like the BPD. (What is that?)

The story so far

The first days

I ordered my Pavlok 1 (There is already a second model out now) a few years ago.
At that time I just wanted to wake up early and get quit of some bad habbits.
It arrived a few months later, which was okay because it was an indiegogo Project.
First there was no app, no nothing, there was just my new Pavlok, which I could show friends. It was somehow funny to see them shock themselfs. Buuut nevermind.
You just could start it manually, by pushing the button on top.

The App

Some time later "The App" was published on the play store....
I was first very happy as I saw it.

But after installation.... urgh!
I think this whole company is quite apple centered.. I can't explain it in any other way.
That app was quite crappy, it started with the app wanting to update the firmware of my pavlok everyday. (Everyday goddamit!)

Somehow it worked a few days...

The Update

.. but then one of these OTA (Over The Air) updates failed miserably. And there was no other way to update my Pavlok. It was just impossible, everytime, on every device I tried to update.
It just said update was successfull, then I should reconnect via bluetooth which failed, aand I had to hard reset my Pavlok. (Memo for me: always hay update-ways redundancy!)
(irony) Thank you! Thank you very much! (/irony)
But this wasn't the worst.
The App forced me to upgrade my Pavlok again and again... I couldn't use the Apps (It layed some eggs and it became more... I guess ;))
So basically there was no way to use the android apps of Pavlok. It was completly useless for me.

The Inbetween

I just throw it somewhere in one of the drawers (those where no one ever looks inside)...
I could have send it back to the USA but, well, never done that before, and I was to angry and everything. (Just wasted a few bucks.. for nothing).
(irony) Thank you! Thank you very much! (/irony)

Years go by...

The rebirth

I found it again a few days ago.... I just looked if the app was still that crappy, but it wasn't. It still needed that update from version 2.4.48 to whatever to work. But there was now an API, yay!
And the best thing is, it was also compatible with my firmware version. :D

If they can't produce a simple, working app but offer an API, I can do it.

Home Shock Pattern Settings
Here are alarm times with there conditions shown here you can configure the pattern in which you are shocked when one of the condition becomes true here you can change basic settings, e.g. the distance in which no shock is being triggered, the interval in which the conditions are checked, the time before and after the moment to start and end shocking you

time/location based shock (tlbs)

  1. choose date and time, when the event is triggered;
  2. drag to the right position and click choose;
  3. give it a name;
  4. activate repition (if you want) and set times;
  5. hit add

Now, if you are in the interval from five minutes before the time and 30 minutes past the time, and you are not at the selected place, you will get recive your created shock pattern.

time/action based shock (tabs)


  1. choose date and time, when the event is triggered;
  2. give it a name;
  3. activate repition (if you want) and set times;
  4. hit add
  5. You are given an QR-Code which you can e.g. print or share to something/someone.

Now, if you are in the interval from five minutes before the time and 30 minutes past the time, you will get an popup, if you don't scan the right QR-Code within 30 seconds, you will get the defined shock pattern. ;)

What is it good for?

Absolutly nothing.


... is usefull if you want to prevent being late to events for example. You have to be there, at this place, at a specific time not to get a shock.


... is usefull if you need to be remebered a specified action. You can only prevent the next shock, if you scan the QR-Code next to you coffeemaker for example. Which reminds you to make coffee in the morning, and forces you to get out of bed ;)

The END.

So I showed you what my app can do.
If anyone wants the sourcecode just send me an email or leave a comment.
I will probably publish it but it might take some time.

Happy holidays!


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